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Hi there, I’m Pam, and I’m here to ‘show’ you around!

As a Christian Counselor turned artist turned crochet designer, I have always had a passion for helping people and bringing beauty to the world. Even though it might seem a natural fit, I never really considered becoming a crochet business coach. But now that I think about it, it just makes sense.

Having a love for both people and crochet just really lends itself to coaching. I feel like I have found my niche. It all sort of just happened when I had a product go viral from my crochet design business, Made with a Twist.

After selling thousands of patterns to crocheters around the world, I started hearing back from them about their excitement and success selling my designs. Through social media, I was able to answer their questions and chat with them about their businesses. Through happenstance, I was helping and I was hooked, literally and figuratively.

It was out of that experience that I started Crochetpreneur as a means of helping other crocheters to build a successful business that fits their vision, their dreams, their lifestyle and their goals. So, whether you’re just beginning your entrepreneurial journey or you’re looking for new and exciting ways to grow your business, you’re in the right place.

Please, take a look around, I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

The Lay of the Land

There are four categories of posts in the BLOG section, above:

  1. Business Basics: This is the information you’ll need as you’re starting a business. You will also find information there for seasoned crochetpreneurs like branding, target market, pricing, and administration.
  2. Crochet Business: This category is for strictly crochet-related business posts. Here you will find posts about crochet trends, craft fair displays, selling crochet products and services, product roundups and more.
  3. Patterns: ¬†This is where you just might hit the jackpot! I’ll be posting both free and premium original crochet patterns. All of the patterns will be optimized for maximum profitability to include suggestions on making each design your own and, also, on adding value for the more high-end customer.
  4. ¬†A Maker’s Life: In this section, I’ll share with you stories of other successful maker/entrepreneurs, inspiration, random stories from this maker’s life behind the studio doors. I hope you’ll find some encouragement and motivation here as well.

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Where Should I Start?

Like I mentioned before, there is information here for all kinds of crocheters, hobbyist and professionals alike. So, where should you start?

Hobby Crocheter: If you’re not interested in starting a crochet business, you will be most interested in the Patterns and A Maker’s Life sections.

Beginning Crochetpreneur: You’re just starting your business. Good for you! You will probably be handing out in the Business Basics and Crochet Business sections the most. However, the Patterns section will come into play when it’s time to work on inventory. Then, you can grab a cup of coffee and a warm blanket and join us in A Maker’s Life for a little bit of inspiration and encouragement.

Seasoned Crochetpreneur: You’ve got your business well in hand. You’re just looking to learn something new or change things up a bit. You will probably find helpful direction in the Crochet Business section. And you’re sure to find new designs to add to your collection in the Patterns area. But most of all, I think you’ll find some rest, support, and sense of community from hanging out with us in A Maker’s Life.

Non-crocheting Maker – If you’re looking to start a business, you will find some helpful information in the Business Basics section. You can also find inspiration and encouragement in A Maker’s Life. If you’re wanting to purchase completed crochet projects, I have hats, gloves scarves and more available in my Etsy shop, Made with a Twist. Click HERE to shop.

For Everyone: This website is a place with a growing database of information, resources, and inspiration. I hope you find that you love it here and that you feel welcome. I am always grateful to hear from you with regard to your needs and desires for your business.

Please feel free to leave a comment or, better yet, join our community on Facebook where we can get to know one another better and we can all learn and grow together! You can find the Facebook group HERE.

Thank you so much for stopping by – please get cozy and stay a while!