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We’ve all heard it, “the money is in the list.” So we’ve signed up with a provider and set up a targeted landing page. We’re good to go…

Right? Right?!

Pinterest graphic for 10 FREE & Easy Ways for Makers to Build a Targeted Email List with a photo of a pair of fingers on a laptop
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OK, you’ve got your list. So, I get it, you’re not sure where to go from here…you’re thinking,

Ummmm, OK. now what?

Shouldn’t the subscribers start rolling in?

Oh, if only it were that easy.

So, you’ve tried some of the paths of e-mail collection that we all know about – the pop-up, the slide-in, the click trigger, the piece of paper at your booth and the Facebook ad. These may or may not work for and your business – at least one of these should have worked! But sometimes we find our list building efforts have grown cold – so what’s next?

If you’ve exhausted those more obvious strategies, check out these ways to collect e-mail addresses that you may not have considered! The great thing about these tactics (aside from being free…or maybe they cost something, but you were going to have to buy business cards anyway), is that they’re targeted at people who are already seeking you out – they’re already your avatar. We’ve just got to point them in the right direction!

So here we go…


1. Use a free program like PicMonkey or Canva to create graphics for a FB post encouraging your fans to sign up. Pin this to the top of your page feed.

A sample sign up graphic to get your followers to subscribe and sign up to your website or shop

2. Create a “Sign Up” call-to-action button on your business Facebook page.

Sample photo of the Sign Up button on your Facebook page

3. Add a simple “Sign Up” link in your website’s main navigation bar.

Crochetprenuer's sample Sign Up tab on our homepage

4. Include a “sign up for our newsletter” message in the P.S. section of your automated sales receipts.

Pamela Montgomery Grice


Made with a Twist by CrochetPRENEUR

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5. Create an opt-in graphic for Pinterest and link directly to a sign up page on your blog.

A sample opt-in graphic for your Pinterest account and link it directly to the signup page on your blog

6. Include a thank you card in each customer’s order, and include a request to sign up on the back of the card.

Sample of a thank you card included customer's order with a request to sign up on the back of the card

7. Similarly, add a message and signup link to the back of your business card.

Sample of Pamela Grice's business card with a signup link at the back

8. Create a Twitter post with your sign up graphic and link to your landing page. Then, promote it with an ad!

A tweet sample of a signup graphic linked to your signup form then promote it with an ad

9. Create an Instagram post about your opt-in and put a link in your profile back to the blog post or opt-in landing page.

Instagram sample of Crochetpreneur's opt-in post linked to opt-in landing page

10. Edit your Etsy seller profile to include links to your signup page.

Photo sample of my Etsy seller profile with included links for my signup page

BONUS: Add a featured image to your personal Facebook page so that when potential buyers are stalking you…and you know they’re stalking you…they’ll see the photo with signup information right there!

Photo sample of my Facebook page with a featured image with my signup information

And there you have it! Ten simple ways to put your email signup options EVERYWHERE. Go ahead. Implement them now, while you’re thinking about it and get on with the business of nurturing your list, creating raving fans and growing your business like crazy!

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