The Best Summer Crochet Patterns for Men

Find the best summer crochet patterns to delight the men in your life. #freecrochetpatterns #crochetpatterns #bestcrochetpatterns #crochetpatternsformen #summercrochet

As spring comes into full bloom and summer is peeking over the horizon, you may have put your crochet hooks away thinking there just aren’t enough project to work on in the summer. Well, I’ve got you covered!


I was thinking the other day, “What would be some great things to crochet for Father’s Day….or, better yet, to sell at summer markets!?” So, I set out to find some new and interesting patterns that aren’t traditional winterwear….and I think you’ll enjoy creating some crochet projects for summer markets with the men in mind.

Check ’em out!

trophy fish crochet pattern summer crochet patterns for men

Trophy Fish from Past Pattern Palooza [click to access]

Large Mouth Bass Blanket

Large Mouth Bass Blanket from MJs Off the Hook [click to access]

Crochet Ipad Cover Fish

Fish Pattern Ipad Cover from Modern Needlepoint [click to access]

faux taxidermy moose head crochet pattern

Faux Taxidermy Crochet Moose Head from ManafkaMina [click to access]

Crochet Pattern for Baseball Cap Ear Warmer

Baseball Cap Ear Warmers from AppalachianStitch

realistic duckling crochet pattern

Realistic Ducklings from LittleConckers [click to access]

Star Wars Crochet Pattern Book

Star Wars Crochet Pattern Book from Lucy Collin [click to access]

Edwards Crochet Imaginarium

Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium from Kerry Lord [click to access]

dragon crochet pattern

Dragon Crochet Pattern from CraftyIntentions [click to access]

playing cards coaster crochet pattern

Playing Cards Crochet Coasters from TheCrochetArchitect [click to access]

dragon egg dice bag crochet pattern

Dragon Egg Dice Bag Crochet Pattern from Rachaek [click to access]

checker game crochet pattern

Checkers Set Crochet Pattern from bvoe669 [click to access]

BBQ Gift basket crochet pattern

BBQ Gift Basket Pattern from Blackstone Designs [click to access]

BBQ Toolbelt apron crochet pattern

BBQ Toolbelt Apron Pattern from Blackstone Designs [click to access]

beer growler cozy crochet pattern

Beer Growler Cozy from MontanaDaisyGirl [click to access]

That’s it! Amazing, right? Now, you’ll never be without the perfect gift for Dad or any man on your list.

All of these tterns would be a great addition to your spring and summer craft market inventory. If you’d like some more warm weather patterns, be sure to check out this post:

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Find the best summer crochet patterns for men!

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