On today’s episode of the Dear Crochetpreneur podcast, we’re going to talk about how to pick a name for your crochet business. I see this question all the time in crochet business chat groups, “How am I supposed to find a name for my crochet business? All the ‘good’ names are taken!”

I don’t want you to fall into the trap of believing that myth or of getting stuck on picking a name for your business and not getting on with the business of making money with crochet!

So, take a listen to today’s episode, pick a name, and own it like a crochet boss!

The Wrong Way to Pick a Name for Your Crochet Business

So often, we see crochet business owners choosing a name based on

  • what others are doing,
  • what people in crochet Facebook groups suggest,
  • what their neighbor tells them to pick, or
  • by adding a descriptor to the end of a name someone else is using.

And I get it, it seems like that’s the way to do it. But what if this is the exact wrong way to go about naming your handmade business?

What if these methods get you a name that is forgettable, confusing, or ineffective?

How about we do it a different way? Give today’s podcast a listen and we’ll talk about the right way to name your crochet business so it speaks to your target customer AND keeps you out of trouble with “the man.”

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