Makers, have you ever considered becoming a crochet pattern tester? Maybe you wonder what it entails, how to get started, and whether you can test crochet patterns as another income stream. You’re not alone! In this episode, we’re answering a question from Heather Allbecker, who asks:

Do you recommend that makers become pattern testers and can they make money this way?

However, there are lots of benefits to becoming a pattern tester. The most obvious is access to free crochet patterns. Very few designers may offer other incentives, like coupons for future pattern purchases or yarn support.

In addition, pattern testing is a wonderful way to network within the crochet design community, to give back to designers, and to help designers grow their businesses. So what makes a great pattern tester and how can you find crochet pattern testing jobs? Listen to the podcast (or keep reading) to learn more!

By the way, if you do need to make money with crochet, there plenty of options to do that as well. Check out my post about How to Make Money Fast with Crochet, where you’ll also find a free guide with 101 Opt-In Ideas for Handmade Sellers.

Crocheting Hands with text that reads: Get Free Crochet Patterns and Connect with your Favorite Designers as a Crochet Pattern Tester

Why Do Designers Use Crochet Pattern Testers?

  • Ensure that patterns are clear to various levels of makers.
  • Create crochet patterns that are error-free and easy to understand.
  • Calculate more accurate yarn yardage estimates based on multiple samples.
  • Gain feedback on sizing and gauge.
  • Increase exposure on social media.
  • Collect photos for social media shares and online listings.

Basic Requirement for Crochet Pattern Testers

Each designer has their own requirements. So make sure you thoroughly read the description before signing up for a test. Some things designers may ask of you include:

  • Fill out an application form.
  • Describe your experience as a crocheter.
  • Purchase the yarn for the project.
  • Sign a photo release giving them rights to your photos.
  • Share the pattern on social media.
  • Create a project in Ravelry and connect it to their pattern.

Tips for Becoming a Great Pattern Tester

Working with testers is one of the most stressful part of being a crochet designer. So if you can be a great tester, word will get out and you will be in demand! Here are a few ways you can stand out among crochet pattern testers.

  • Read the requirements thoroughly before you volunteer for a test. If you can’t meet them, pass on this test.
  • Provide detailed feedback in a kind way.
  • Respond helpfully and promptly; don’t just take the free pattern
  • Work the pattern exactly as it is written.
  • Create a gauge swatch and measure it.
  • Be reliable! Communicate well, let the designer know how the test is going, and submit your feedback on time.
  • If something comes up and you can’t complete the test, let the designer know as soon as possible.
  • Take high-quality, well-lit photos with clear background.
  • Spread the word about the new design.

Where Can You Find Crochet Pattern Testing Jobs?

Now that you’ve learned the basics of crochet pattern testing, are you excited to get started with your first pattern testing job? Here are a few places you can connect with crochet designers.

  • Follow your favorite designers on social media.
  • Check out designers’ blogs and look for calls for testers.
  • Engage in Facebook crochet pattern test groups.
  • Join pattern test groups on Ravelry.
  • Seek out yarn and kit suppliers or yarn dyers looking for pattern testers or sample creators.
  • Sign up with Yarnpond, a site that helps connect designers and pattern testers.

Some designers or companies will want to see references or photos of your work. Hint: use your Instagram feed as a portfolio of sorts.

Get Your Free Pattern Test Worksheet

Be sure to listen to the podcast, using the player above, for all of my tips for becoming a standout, sought after crochet pattern tester. And use the button below to access the printable Pattern Test Worksheet! It’s got all you need to organize tests you’re participating in and keep all your information in one place so you can meet deadlines and test to impress!

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