Are you a crochet designer, physical product seller, or service provider looking to boost your business and make some quick cash out of thin air? Emergencies and unexpected financial needs can often arise, and having the ability to pivot and create new income streams is crucial for entrepreneurs. In this episode, we’ll explore various strategies for how to make money fast with crochet. Let’s dive in and explore the different ways you can leverage your crochet skills to make money when you need it most.

I originally heard it from James Wedmore that your job as an entrepreneur is to make money out of thin air. And I think keeping that in mind is really helpful, when things come up, to say and really own and step into that place of, ‘My job is to make money out of thin air. I’m going figure this out,’ and really empowering yourself to say, ‘What am I going to do?’

– Pamela Grice, the Crochetpreneur
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Creating Offers That Your Ideal Customer Wants

To make money out of thin air with your crochet business, it’s important to create offers that your ideal customer wants. Whether you’re a physical product seller, digital product seller, or service provider, understanding your customer’s needs is crucial. This involves getting creative and identifying what your ideal customer is already spending money on and what gaps in the market or your offer suite you can fill with a new, valuable offer. In this chapter, we’ll explore how to conceptualize and create offers tailored to your audience, ensuring they are quick to jump on them.

How Crochet Business Owners Can Make Money Fast

I’m going to give you a few great ways to generate quick cash for your crochet business. These strategies include e-books and guides, discounts, creating workshops, memberships, templates, workbooks, and free tools that lead to a tripwire. Each strategy is tailored to provide quick influx of cash. So keep reading and choose what works best for you, depending on your business model and audience.

Creating Ebooks and Guides

Tailor your ebook or guide to fulfill the needs of your ideal customer. For example, if your market is fashionistas, create a guide to creating a capsule wardrobe. Or if your ideal customers are crocheters, create a stitch guides or an ebook about how to get started with designing.

Discounts and Promotions

    Determine the right timing for sales and promotions. Aim to balance profit margins and sales volume. For example, you could have a flash sale, where you offer a discounted price on a specific digital product or service for just a few hours. Discounts and promos drive traffic to your shop and increase desire for your products.

    Workshops and Courses

    Both service providers and product sellers can design workshops and courses for their target audiences. Leverage the workshop or course to promote complementary products. For example, if you sell baby products, offer a “design your nursery” workshop, where you explore colors, layouts, etc. Then, point your customers to items within your product line to fill their nursery design.

    Memberships and Bundles

    Put together offerings you already have in attractive membership packages to create recurring revenue. For example, one designer offers access to all of her patterns for $10 a month or $50 a year. You could also create themed bundles for seasonal or thematic promotions. Sell the bundles either as ebooks, on your website, in a private Google Drive folder, or on ThriveCart.


    Create templates that will address your customers’ needs and ultimately save them time. This could be templates for crochet product packaging or labeling, Pinterest pins, or Instagram carousels.

    Workbooks and Journals

    If you are working with a specific type of customer, you will have insight into what they care about. Design workbooks and journals that targeting their specific concerns. For example, I recently created a “Get Unstuck Journal” for the people in my program to help them push past obstacles in their crochet businesses.

    Free Tools Leading to a Tripwire

    Create free tools that will generate a high volume of traffic. Then, offer a high-discounted tripwire that people can purchase on the back end. Free opt-ins are a great way to convert free customers into paying clients. For example, create an opt-in of “Five Questions to Ask When You’re Stuck,” then direct your customers to purchase the “Get Unstuck Journal” to continue the self-coaching process in more depth.

    Free Trials

    Offer free trials to your memberships or other offerings to give customers a taste for the product and its value. Then, charge them after the free trial ends.

    Engaging Experiences and Consultations

      Plan engaging experiences for your customers. For a designer, this might look like a crochet alongs, where followers work together on a project and simultaneously get to know you better. Service providers can provide consultations, discounts on services, or a paid sip-and-stitch.

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      Wrapping Up

      Making money out of thin air with your crochet business requires creativity, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of your ideal customer. By implementing the strategies discussed in this blog post, you can create valuable offers that generate quick cash when needed. Whether through ebooks, workshops, templates, or memberships, the key lies in aligning your offerings with customer needs and seizing the opportunity to make money when the need arises.

      By implementing these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to creating quick cash opportunities and paving the path for sustained growth and profitability in your crochet business.

      Remember, making money out of thin air is a skill that can be honed and refined. Keep experimenting, stay in touch with customer needs, and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that allows you to seize new opportunities, no matter the circumstances.

      Happy Crocheting and Business Building!

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