Once again, the world is in chaos and I’ve received many messages asking how we can help makers in Ukraine while they are displaced, frightened, hurting, and facing an uncertain future. So, I put together this list of 15 ways we can take action today to help support the crochet designers and sellers in Ukraine as well as the greater community there, as a whole.

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I typically stay out of political conversations because, honestly, I don’t know enough about the topic to speak authoritatively. However, the conflict we are watching unfold in Ukraine hits close to home for many of us in the crochet community…while it seems to be politically motivated, it is people who are impacted.

It is a humanitarian issue and my heart hurts for those who are struggling. When I allow my mind to wander and envision stepping into their shoes for even just a moment, it is too much to fathom….hiding out in a bomb shelter, hearing explosions overhead, wondering what tomorrow will bring.

And when I see people grabbing only what they can carry to escape on foot, I am heartbroken for them. I want to do whatever I can to help. Thus, this post…it’s just a tiny little contribution but I hope you will share it with others and we can create a snowball of support for those in our community who are JUST LIKE US…but they happen to live in Ukraine and are surrounded by chaos that is not of their choosing.

Below, I gathered some links and resources to provide an easy way for you to find someone to support, some way to support, and an easy way to share these resources with others. Some of these actions are free…just do what you can.

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15 Ways You Can Help Makers in the Ukraine

  1. Purchase from Ukrainian sellers of digital products (patterns and printables).
  2. Purchase from Ukrainian physical product sellers (with no expectations).
  3. Send an email to your list encouraging them to support designers in Ukraine.
  4. Sort your email list and send a dedicated message of support to your Ukrainian subscribers.
  5. Pause subscription payments for Ukrainian makers in your membership groups
  6. Post on social media encouraging followers to support designers in Ukraine – link to this post, if that makes it easier.
  7. Host a sales event and give the proceeds to organizations supporting relief efforts.
  8. Send gifts via PayPal, Patreon, or “Buy Me a Coffee”.
  9. Share informational social media posts from makers in Ukraine.
  10. Binge watch YouTube channels of Ukrainian makers.
  11. Share Pinterest pins from Ukrainian makers.
  12. Send a kind word via DM or email.
  13. Dedicate prayer time on behalf of makers in Ukraine and their families.
  14. Donate to reputable charities that are providing relief in Ukraine.
  15. Call your state and local government officials to share your concerns.

Ukrainian Crochet Designers

Here is a filtered list of crochet designers on Ravelry based in Ukraine.

Here is a filtered list of crochet designers on Etsy based in Ukraine

Below, you’ll find individual shops that have been recommended by the crochet community:

Blue Rabbit Toys

Props Toys

Sparrow Dreamer

Juliia Pyha

Fayni Toys

Katherine Alimova

Aradiya Toys


Life is Cozy

Fairy Toys by Inna Chi

Natty Toys

Olya Sam Toys

Crochet Toys Ukraine

Planet Piu

Nelly HM

Lovinka Design

Pogo Sova Toys

Lesia Little Adventure

Lena Masterica

Ukrainian Crochet Product and Yarn Sellers

Many sellers may not be in a position to create products and make them available to ship. It would be important to reach out to the seller before buying to ensure that you’re not placing a burden on them during a difficult time and, perhaps, to ask how you might support them in other ways.

Please note, be prepared to place an order and not receive your item due to hardship. If this happens. please do not report the shop to Etsy. If you want a refund, you can do that through a PayPal chargeback or chargeback on your credit card. However, if you aren’t prepared to be gracious to these sellers, perhaps find another way to support them.

Here is a filtered list of crochet product sellers from Ukraine on Etsy

Below, you’ll find a list of businesses that have been recommended by the crochet community.

Home Decor Knit (indicates she has a US-based partner who can fulfill orders)

Nata Knitting Workshop

Antonina Crochet

Zephir Workshop

New Crochet Ideas

Toysiki Shop

Amazing Headwear

Skein Store

Duplet Crochet Patterns Magazine

Makers with Family in Ukraine

Designs by Natalie Johnson

The Knotty Boss

Relief Organizations Accepting Donations

Please not that I haven’t had time to vet these organizations so please do your own research before donating.

Medical Relief Organizations

Organizations Helping Families and Children

Organizations that Support Ukrainian Journalists

Organizations that Support the Ukrainian Military

Finally, a Word About the Russian Maker Community

I’ve received messages asking, but what about makers in Russia? Shouldn’t we be supporting them, too?

My answer is that individual people have nothing to do with this conflict and, if there are hurting people, I want to support them however I can. So, yes, if you feel led to support makers in Russia, do that.

You can find makers to support by using ‘filter by country’ options on both Etsy and Ravelry.

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