So your crochet business is stuck. Maybe you think you’re stuck because the market is saturated, you can’t find the right business name, or people don’t value handmade products. You may even think that you’re not enough.

I’m here to tell you that none of these reasons are true! This may be tough to hear, but your stuckness is down to you. But that also means that you can fix it by taking action. You can do it! Listen in and I’ll help you learn why you’re feeling stuck and give you strategies for getting unstuck!

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Transcript of This Episode About Why Your Crochet Business is Stuck

[00:00:00] Hey, everybody. We are going to have a heart-to-heart today so I hope you’re up for it. I hope we’re going to be okay after the end of it. We’re going to have a little bit of tough love—lots and lots of non-tough love but some tough love—because I think we need both in life, right? We need a little bit of encouragement and support and we also need some calling out. So today’s going to be a little bit of both.

[00:00:31] And we might have a little bit of emotional Pam because I’ve had three people send me incredible testimonials this morning. Like one, I had to give to my husband and he started crying and we were both crying. I want you to be one of those testimonials. If you are choosing to be stuck rather than to take action, then you can never get to be at the place where you’re sending me a testimonial or you’re just giving yourself a high five and a pat on the back saying, “I took action and I did awesome.”

[00:01:07] So anyway, we are going to talk about getting unstuck today. I’m going to just hop into it and get started because this could get long and I don’t want it to be long for you because I know you need to get back to work.

What Your Stuckness is Not

[00:01:24] I’m going to start here and say there are a few things that your stuckness is not. The thing I hear most from people are these reasons. And I tell you, 100% of the time, this is not the reason. “I’m stuck because the market is oversaturated.” Okay, maybe the market is oversaturated, but that’s not why you’re stuck.

[00:01:50] “I’m stuck because there are no good names left to use.” We’re talking about this inside of our free Facebook group lately. There’s plenty of names to use so this is not a reason to be stuck. READ MORE

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