At Crochetpreneur, I help crochet business owners define their unique path to success and, then, provide the resources, support, and encouragement they need to achieve it.

The Core Values of Crochetpreneur:

Freedom: I am here as your guide and cheerleader. My goal is to offer wisdom, resources, and support to you as you grow your business, with the understanding that the path forward is yours to choose. I will always encourage you to take the path that is right for you, your business, and your vision of success.

Peace: I strive to provide an atmosphere of hygge (we are, after all, in the business of coziness, right?) Whether we’re meeting one-on-one, online, inside the community, or here in the class, I want you to feel safe, heard, and empowered. My goal is to bring warmth to all our interactions.

Kindness: Being a business owner is hard, between the decisions we have to make every day, deadlines, pressures, and responsibilities, entrepreneurship can feel overwhelming. It is my goal to create a space and community where integrity is the rule of the day, positivity abounds, and words of encouragement are frequent.

Generosity: One of my goals as a business owner is to give back to those around me and to contribute to the rescue of women in and girls caught in the web of human trafficking. Therefore, I have committed to contributing 10-20% of my monthly profits to organizations that help in these efforts.