Twisted Headband Crochet Pattern: 30 Days of Cozy

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What a great choice if you don't want a messy bun hat. The Nova Headband has a trendy twist, a pop of texture, and a whole lot of awesome. The free pattern is yours! #freecrochetpattern #turbanheadband #twistheadband #twiestedheadbandcrochetpattern #crochetpattern

When I saw this photo of Brandie-Lee, I realized this twisted headband crochet pattern is the perfect alternative to a messy bun hat…it’s actually perfect for anyone, long hair or short, but it looks so great with a messy bun, as she’s wearing it here.

This project is a quick one and is great when you have lots of gifts to make…like for all your kids’ teachers! The free pattern, below, is in women’s size. If you’re looking for toddler or children’s sizes, they are available in Brandie-Lee’s premium pattern…check the “pattern downloads” section for details.



Are you ready to make your own?


There are several ways you can access the pattern for this lovely Nova Headband:

  1. Follow along with the free pattern for the headband for women, below.
  2. Purchase the premium version of the Nova Headband on Ravelry. This version contains instructions for toddler and child size headbands (see photo) as well as the women’s size.

Nova Headband



Hook size 6.5mm Yarn type and yardage Worsted Weight, Approximately 70 yards.
For the prototype’s I used Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca & Red Heart Soft
Tapestry Needle
Measuring Tape

Crochetpreneur Amazon Influencer Page


  • CH: chain
  • SC: single crochet
  • PSt: Puff Stitch
  • SLST: slip stitch
  • MC: main color ST(S): stitch(es)


    • Skill Level: Intermediate
    • US Terminology
    • Gauge: 10 (5 sc and 5 Puff Stitch) stitches X 10 (5 sc rows & 5 Puff Stitch) rows = 4” square
      • Stitch used for gauge: Single Crochet & Puff Stitches
      • Swatch instructions: Follow the pattern repeat to get gauge.
    • Size(s): Adult 
    • Measurement(s): 19” by 5” wide.
    • No matter your skill level, I always suggest that you read through the pattern from beginning to end before beginning your work just to be sure you don’t have any questions that might cause frustration in the midst of your project.
    • The right side of the project is the side where the puff stitches ‘puff’ out. The RS will be facing you when you are doing the sc row.
    • The ‘Flaps’ are the two rectangular pieces you will make that will be sewed in an ‘x’ to join the two edges of the headband.
    • Make sure that you end your headband with a sc row before starting the cross flaps. This will make the edge that you slip stitch together look much smoother.
    • When doing the slip stitch to close your head band ensure your headband is flipped wrong side out, it will make the seam less visible on the right side.
    • Make one flap and before joining it to the opposite side, lay your head band flat to measure its length. Your headband should measure 19” in length and 5” width.(For a standard ladies size. This will comfortably fit a head circumference from 20” to 21.5”)
    • Pattern Stitches Used: ⇒ Puff Stitch: * yarn over, insert hook into stitch, pull up a loop to the height of a dc* repeat two more times, yarn over and pull through all 7 loops on hook. ⇒ Single Crochet ⇒ Half Double Crochet ⇒ Slip Stitch


With K (6.5 m) size hook

Ch 14

ROW 1: sc in the second chain from hook and in every ch across. Ch1, Turn. (13 sc)

ROW 2: sc in first stitch, (PSt in next stitch, sc in next stitch) repeat across. Ch 1, turn. (7 sc, 6 Pst)

ROW 3: sc in every stitch across, ch 1 turn (13 sc) Repeat Rows 2 & 3 until your piece measures 16“

Do Not Cut Yarn.

* I had 20 sc rows & 19 PSt rows for a total of 39 rows.

First Flap:

ROW 1: sc in first stitch, sc in next 6 stitches ch 1, turn (7 sc)

ROW 2: hdc in each stitch across, ch 1 turn (7 hdc) Repeat Row 1 & 2 until your ‘flap’ measures 3 inches.

*I had 6 rows total.


Pull the flap diagonally across to the beginning of your headband to join. The inside corner of the flap should line of with the outside edge of the headband.

SlSt through both pieces in the first sc, and the next 6 stitches.

*Remember to do this with the wrong side up, facing you.

Ch 1 (do not turn)

Second Flap:

ROW 1: sc, in first stitch and in the next five stitches, Ch 1 turn. (6 sc) ROW 2: hdc in each sc across. ch 1, turn (6 hdc) ROW 3: sc, in each stitch across, ch1, turn (6 sc) Repeat

ROWS 2 & 3 until your flap measures 3 inches.

*I had 6 rows.

Pull this flap over top the other flap to create an ‘x’, lining up the outside corners. SlSt through both pieces in the first sc, and across.

Cut Yarn and fasten off. Weave in all ends.

Flip your headband right side out. You are done!

**Note: If you choose to sell items made from this pattern, please credit my shop Candidly Handcrafted, for the pattern. Please do not share or sell this pattern in anyway. This pattern is for personal use only ,with the exception of selling finished items made from it. Use of my photos to promote or sell your finished items is strictly prohibited. If you need assistance please don’t hesitate to email me,


I know you’re going to love making the Nova Headband and I so look forward to seeing your finished product.

  • Be sure to share photos on social media using the hashtag #30DaysofCozy and #NovaHeadband so we can all see your project and give you all-the-hearts. 💖💖💖

I can’t wait to see your creations!

Until then, stay cozy and keep on yarning. ♥


Crochet Designer Brandie Lee WolbeckBrandie-Lee Wolbeck

Brandie-Lee Wolbeck started crocheting in 2015 and quickly became hooked. After making hats and sweaters for her own sons, requests from family and friends started rolling in. She launched her crochet business, Candidly Handcrafted in 2016 and jumped right into selling her finished product at markets.

In an effort to set herself apart at handmade markets Brandie designed several patterns in 2017. Not only did she sell hundreds of her Yesena toque but she began getting requests for the pattern. A photo of the design went viral on a popular facebook page and she sold over 100 copies of the pattern! Since then she has designed her entire 2018 winter line & has plans to launch several new inspired designs. Brandie-Lee looks forward to designing many more timeless, functional crochet designs for crochet enthusiasts like herself.

RAVELRY: CandidlyHC          INSTAGRAM: @candidlyhandcrafted


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