Thank you for your interest in being a tester for Made with a Twist by Crochetpreneur!

First, please go to Google Docs and fill out the Pattern Tester’s Survey.  

Then, print out the 2018 Nondisclosure Agreement, sign it and email it to [email protected]

Finally, send a join request to the Facebook group MWAT Testers.

Once you are accepted into the testers group on FB, be sure to turn on notifications so that you will be notified of upcoming tests. Most tests are limited to two testers per product/size so there is limited availability. Having notifications turned on will offer you the opportunity to participate in the tests as frequently as you’d like.

I am currently unable to allow everyone who applies to be a part of the testing pool, but I will try to open the opportunity up as much as possible. Please don’t be discouraged. If you aren’t accepted into the FB group, please feel free to apply again in a month or two.

Factors that may impact your acceptance into the testing pool: your skill level doesn’t match the current testing needs (either too new or too experienced), poor image quality on your social media posts, poor grammar, low social media following. I prefer that testers NOT be pattern designers, though that will not preclude you from being accepted into the group as long as you’re willing to sign the non-disclosure/non-compete contract.

Thank you again for your interest in helping out!


All upcoming tests will be announced with a post in the MWAT Testers FB group. The post will give all of the specifics about the design (product type, materials needed, skill level requested, sizes, etc.), number of testers needed, and the deadline for feedback.

If you are interested in testing for that particular product, you would simply comment on the post, stating your interest and the size you’d like to make. Comments will be turned off once the slots are filled.

Then, I’ll send you a FB message once you’ve been selected as a tester and I’ll send you the pattern.

There will be a CHANGE LOG posted as an announcement in the FB group for each pattern that is out for testing. Use it to leave any feedback you feel is necessary for the other testers to be aware of. Otherwise, you’ll provide feedback prior to the deadline using the pattern feedback link attached to the change log.

Please only post “in process” photos of your test and save the photos of your finished product for the pattern release date.