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You're almost done. But, first....a challenge!

Our business uses a LOT of technology — we run two blogs in addition to selling crochet patterns, physical products, informational products, and courses. For example, we use a lot of website software to create landing pages. This challenge will test your attention to detail. 

Here’s the challenge:

Step 1. Take a look at our example webinar opt-in page.

  • Closely review our example opt-in page at https://www.crochetpreneur.com/webinar-optin-example
  • As you can see, our example page contains some spelling errors and typos. 
  • Look closely and make note of all of the errors and typos you can find. (There are some sneaky ones, particularly one at the bottom of the page.)

Step 2. Take a full-page screenshot and annotate it.

  • Using a Chrome browser, download the Full Page Screenshot Chrome Extension linked here. It’s free.
  • Go to the example opt-in page.
  • Click on the Full Page Screenshot extension to take a full-page screenshot.
  • Download the screenshot as a PNG file.
  • Annotate that screenshot to mark up all of the spelling errors and typos you can locate. Save this screenshot.

Step 3. Complete the form below to send us your screenshot.

We’re excited to see what you came up with!

All the best,

Pam Grice and the Crochetpreneur Team