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(Note: replays will be available on this page through Saturday, June 22nd due to a glitch on Facebook streaming)

Day 1: embracing creativity

Discover the importance of creativity in your stitchcraft business and learn how to cultivate a creative mindset to stand out in a crowded market.

Day 2: overcoming creative blocks

Identify common creative blocks and master practical techniques to overcome them, ensuring a constant flow of innovative ideas for your business.

Day 3: innovation in your niche

Explore strategies to find unique selling points and innovate within your niche, making your products irresistible to your ideal customers.

Day 4: creative problem solving

Develop skills to tackle business challenges with creative problem-solving techniques, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth.

Day 5: implementing creativity

Learn how to implement your creative ideas effectively, from planning and resource allocation to monitoring progress, ensuring sustainable business growth.

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