The Ultimate Gift Guide for Crocheters – Gift ideas for yarn lovers

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Struggling to find the perfect gift idea for the yarn lover in your world? Well, I’ve got the ultimate gift guide for crocheters that surely includes a gift that fits the bill!


The best part? These gifts are great for any holiday or celebration – anniversaries, birthdays, milestones or just because.

I’ve done the hard work for you by carefully selecting the top products from our friends around the industry.

And, If you are a crocheter, we’ve made an easy job of compiling your wish list with our printable Yarn Lovers Wish List. Simply download the list, check off your favorite items, and slip it into an envelope destined for Santa (or your favorite birthday-gift giver).

Graphic for Printable Crocheters Wish List for Santa

Crocheters Wish List

Just as an FYI, some of these links may be affiliate links.

Crochet Tools and Gadgets

Specialty Hooks

Photo of 4 wooden Unraveled Ewe Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

 Hand Turned Ergonomic Crochet Hooks from Unraveled Ewe – because who wouldn’t want these lovely hooks? The wood grain is so amazing!

Photo of 8 colorful Polymer Clay Crochet Hooks with floral design

 Polymer Clay Crochet Hooks from Polymer Clay Creations – colorful artisan-made hooks! The maker creates these in so many designs and colors when you take a look around her shop, you’re sure to find the perfect set for your yarn lover.

Image of 12 Extra Long Crochet Hooks in various colors and hook sizes Extra-long Ergonomic Crochet Hooks from Be Creative Store – this is such a great set of ergonomic hooks and are perfect for the crocheter who is concerned about repetitive motion injury.

Hook Organizer

Image of a Crochet Hook Case with various hooks as a sample

 Crochet Hook Case from JesabelleB – a place for everything and everything in its place. This hook case is expertly designed to hold the gear you need. Click on over to JessabelleB and take a look around her shop – her project bags are to die for, too!

Stitch Markers

Photo of 6 Stitch Markers from Pretty Warm Designs in various colorful designs with a tin case

 Stitch Markers from Pretty Warm Designs – you’ll never neglect to use markers when your markers look like this! Available in a wide range of colors and combinations, click the image to head over to Pretty Warm Designs and take a look at all she has to offer.


Photo of 5 yarn from That's My Color Yarn Shop

 Tonal Yarn from That’s My Color Yarn Shop – while these jewel tones are my favorite, the options are almost limitless at That’s My Color. Take the link, look around and let Santa know your favorite colors.

Image of 2 Bulky Merino Wool from Knit Coast Fibers with a pot of succulents at the left side

 Bulky Merino Wool From Knit Coast Fibers – No yarn lover could resist a hank of merino wool and when it’s bulky weight…even better!

Pompom Maker

Photo of 4 Pompom Maker from Knewmart in red, green, aqua blue, and purple color

 Pompom Maker from Knewmart – Pompoms are such a hit this year and with these makers in a variety of sizes, you can make one in every size and color with ease. (click the link to purchase)

Hook Gauge

Photo of a Crochet Hook Gauge on a wooden background

 Crochet Hook Gauge from Katrinkles – the one I use is antique but I’m almost willing to part with it for this bamboo version from Katrinkles. Click on over to their shop and take a look around. They have so many unique products available for yarn lovers!

Project Bag

Photo of Project Bag from Precious Knits with "shh... I'm counting" on the bag with yarn and sticks at its back Project Bag from Precious Knits – This is just one version of the project bag from precious knits. Take a look around the shop, print off your wish list, and let Santa know which bag you’d like. Then, he can come back here, click the link and find the bag that perfect for you!

Postal Scale

Photo of a postal scale with white background

 Postal Scale from Smart Weigh – If your yarn lover ships her handmade treasures, this scale is a must! (click image to purchase)


Photo of a black and silver Dymo 4XL

 Thermal Printer Dymo 4XL from Dymo – For crochet entrepreneurs, the perfect thermal printer to save time and money. It’s worth every single penny! (click image to purchase for your buddy or thriving crochetpreneur)

Yarn Ball Winder

Image of a Yarn Ball Winder attached on a wooden table

Yarn Ball Winder from Knit Picks – When you give her all those lovely hanks of handmade yarn, she’s going to need to wind them into cute little cakes and this is the gadget to handle that task. (click image to purchase)

Crocheters Wish List

Yarn Swift

Image of a wooden Yarn Swift

 Yarn Swift from Premium Knitter – More awesome tools for hand-dyed and high-quality yarns! This swift will hold the hank and let it be wound with ease – an essential for discerning crocheters. (click image to purchase)

Cutter Necklace

Image of a Yarn Cutter Pendant with clover written on it and a floral design

 Yarn Cutter Pendant from Clover – Hang this pendant on a chain and you’ll never wonder where your scissors are again. Simply slide the yarn through the slot and it cleanly clipped. This is a great gift for the artisan who is always crying, “where are my scissors!?” (click the image to purchase)


Photo of a blue and yellow Bullet Journal

 Bullet Journal from Scribbles That Matter – Because she’s creative..she needs a place to keep her pattern ideas and project notes. (click image to purchase)

Crochet Patterns

A photo of a woman wearing crocheted beanie and scarf, crochet pattern from Made with a Twist

 Crochet Patterns from Made with a Twist – Yes, this is my shop. I have 25 patterns, perfect for crocheters of all skill levels. Click on over to the pattern listings, take a look around and let Santa know what project you’d love to work on next.

Leather Labels

Photo of 6 leather product tags

 Leather Product Tags from All This Wood LLC – These tags are all over Instagram! Get them custom made with her logo or simply stated, “handmade.” I’ve purchased from this company several times and am so happy with my purchase every time! (click image to take a look around their shop and make your purchase)

Things She Doesn’t Know She Needs (But She Does)

Wrist Ruler

Photo of a wearable leather wrist ruler

21. Leather Wrist Ruler from LiFashion – Ummm, because who doesn’t need a ruler that you can’t lose? (click image to purchase)

Ear Buds

Photo of Noise Cancelling Earbuds from Bose

 Noise Cancelling Earbuds from Bose – because you’re tired of hearing “shhh, I’m counting.” Give her the gift of quiet (or music to drown out her surroundings). These are the ones I use and I love them! (click image to purchase)

Graphic for Printable Crocheters Wish List for Santa

Crocheters Wish List

Instant Pot

Photo of Instant Pot

 Pressure Cooker from Instant Pot – I love my pressure cooker! As a creative, I always get distracted by making awesome things and daydreaming about future ideas. Then, it’s time for dinner and this pot saves me. I simply take a frozen chicken out of the freezer, add some sauce and veggies and 35 minutes later, dinner is ready! (click the image to purchase)

Pecan Coffee

Photo of a mug of coffee and 4 bags of Pecan Coffee from Millican Pecan Company

Pecan Coffee from Millican Pecan Company – Honestly, coffee and crochet just go together and these coffees from an amazing, family-owned pecan growing family are just the indulgent treat your yarn lover deserves. (click image to purchase)

Just for Fun


Photo of a woman wearing a gray shirt with "If I Can't Take My Yarn" on it

 “If I Can’t Take My Yarn” T-shirt from Ashley Erika Designs – Because I need this shirt and so does your favorite crocheter. (click image to purchase)

Coffee Mug

Photo of a mug with "Crochet Feeds My Soul" printed on it held by a person wearing black and white stripped shirt

Crochet Mug from Kelly Connor Designs – This mug feeds my soul. It is so sweet and really speaks to the love and passion that artisans have for their craft. I’m in love with it…your crocheter will be, too. (click image to purchase)


Photo of 4 pairs of earrings from Yarn and Teasel each pair on a popsicle stick

Earrings from Yarn and Teasel – These yarn cake earrings are everything – lovely, delicate, and beautiful….just like her. (click image to purchase)

Photo of Yarn Lover's Necklace from Crochet Knit Jewelry with a pendant containing yarns and a crochet hook

Yarn Lover’s Necklace from Crochet Knit Jewelry – The perfect gift for the woman who doesn’t want to hide her love for yarn and all things crochet. Available in several styles and colors – take a look around and find the one that’s perfect for you. (click image to purchase)

Crochet Kit

Photo of Jack Russell Crochet Kit from Hooked by Angel

 Jack Russell Crochet Kit from Hooked by Angel – This designer is so amazingly talented! I picked the Jack Russell kit because of my sweet dog, Moe, but she has 30 different kits with different breeds and is always coming up with more. Simply click this link and head on over to her shop and find the breed your crocheter loves. This kit is the perfect little project that will make her smile every morning when she drinks her coffee. (click the link to check out the shop)

Crochet Artwork

Photo of Crochet Printables from White Tree Arts with a black frame hanging on a brick wall

Crochet Printables from White Tree Arts – Help her fill her studio with affirmations and encouragement for a crocheter’s heart. Downloadable images are simple to print at home, frame, and put under the tree. (click image to purchase)

Awesome ScissorsPhoto of Sewing Scissors from Jili Online

 Sewing Scissors from Jili Online – because sewing scissors are a must and this set couldn’t be sweeter.

Gift Certificate – because who couldn’t resist a gift card?

Photo of Amazon Gift Card with an envelope

 Amazon Gift CardPhoto of Jo-Ann Gift Card

 Jo-Ann Gift CardPhoto of a Gift Card from Etsy

 Gift Card from Etsy

That’s it! I just know your crocheter is going to be so pleased this holiday season (or anytime) when she receives a gift from this list. To ensure that’s true, be sure to print off your Crocheter’s Wish List (just click on the image below to download, no email required) and you’re sure to get her just what she wants.

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