The Concept-to-Launch Crochet Pattern Writing Challenge

  • Have you been hesitant to get your designs on paper…and then published?
  • Fearful that your first pattern won’t be perfect?
  • Stuck with analysis paralysis or afraid of what others might think?

Well, now is the time to push through the obstacles and GET IT DONE!

get it done email challenge

I'll walk you through the process step-by-step

Once you register, you’ll receive login credentials begin your challenge immediately (or whenever you’re ready, it’s up to you). Log in to access seven crochet pattern writing lessons that will take you from concept to launch

The lessons will help you create your first simple* design and who knows where you’ll go from there!

Once you have your first success under your belt, your next pattern will come so much more easily! 

Are you ready to take the challenge? Sign up today!

* This challenge is meant to help you create a simple flat design. Complex designs and garments will be addressed in future classes.

Hi, I’m Pam – the part-crochet designer, part-psychotherapist, and full-on-cheerleader behind the Crochetpreneur blog where I combines my wisdom as a counselor and experience as a six-figure Etsy seller to help other makers find personal and financial freedom through artisan-entrepreneurship.

Recognized as a top trending Etsy seller by Marketplace Pulse, I’ve been featured by Mary Maxim, Annie’s Catalog, Fox21 News, Buzzfeed, and Hollywood Daily Star.

In April 2019 I’ll be launching the Crochetpreneur Masterclass – a learn-community for crochet artisans looking to take their product, design, and blogging businesses to the next level. Keep an eye out for the launch coming to you inbox in April!

When I’m not coaching, counseling, or crocheting, I spend my days caring for my newly-toddling grandson. I’m an introvert who loves people, an encourager, a solution-finder, and a creative-thinker who spend more time reading encyclopedias and playing with yarn as a kid than was probably normal. And, while I never did marry Donny Osmond, I’m thankful to have crafted an amazing life in the beautiful mountains of Colorado with my husband, Kevin, and our two neurotic pups.