Chevron Christmas Stocking Crochet Pattern: 30 Days of Cozy

This chevron Christmas stocking crochet pattern will make you holidays Holly Jolly! The free pattern is for intermediate crocheters and you can complete the project in just one evening! #freecrochetpattern #chevronChristmasstocking #Christmasstockingcrochetpattern #stockingcrochetpattern #easystockingpattern



Day 23 of our 30 Days of Cozy brings us this adorable chevron Christmas stocking from Samantha of Creating in the Mitten. The free pattern is waiting for you, below. Here’s what Samantha has to say about her design:

This design was created because I love the idea of holiday heirlooms. Something you can make with your own two hands and hand down to family, year after year.

My family is spread all over the country, but it’s pretty wonderful to have something I can send them through the holidays to keep a part of me with them. The customization is the best part though, whatever colors you want to match their favorite sport team, school, or favorite colors in general!



Are you ready to make your own?




There are several ways you can access the pattern for this lovely Holly Jolly Christmas Stocking:

  1. Follow along with the free pattern, below.
  2. Purchase the premium pattern which includes instructions for the stocking, the hanger, and pompoms! Find it on Etsy.

Holly Jolly Christmas Stocking



5mm Hook
Tapestry Needle
Stitch MarkersYarn type and yardage
180 Yards of worsted weight in color A – I used Red
145 Yards of worsted weight in color B – I used White

Crochetpreneur Amazon Influencer Page


  • Chain (ch)
  • Double Crochet (dc)
  • Double crochet 3 together (dc3tog)
  • Double crochet 2 together (dc2tog)
  • Single crochet 2 together (sc2tog)
  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Back loop only (blo)
  • Slip stitch (slst)


    • Skill Level: Intermediate (the pattern might cause frustration for beginning crocheters)
    • US Terminology
    • Gauge: 14 stitches x 5 rows = 4” square **gauge is not that important so if you are off a little bit that’s okay**
    • Stitch used for gauge: double crochets
    • Measurement(s): Finished Length- 17 inches (might be a little off and that’s ok) Finished Width at the chevron area – 8 inches
    • Important Notes:
      • No matter your skill level, I always suggest that you read through the pattern from beginning to end before beginning your work just to be sure you don’t have any questions that might cause frustration in the midst of your project.
      • Gauge is not important for this pattern, if you are off by a few stitches that is okay.


Ribbed Band

Chain 13

Row 1- Single crochet in the 2nd chain from the hook, and across the chain, ch 1 and turn (12)

Row 2- Sc across in blo, ch 1 and turn (12)

Row 3-50 – repeat row 2 Finish off and leave a long tail to seam together (DO NOT seam yet)

Chevron Base 

**chain stitches do not count as the 1st st at the beginning of the rows**

(Starting with Color A – white in my case) Ch 50, slst to the 1st chain (make sure to not twist your chain) chain 2

Row 1- Dc in the ch 2 spot and the next 4 ch stitches (5 dc total) 3dc in the next stitch Dc in the next 4 stitches Dc Dec over the next 3 stitches ** Yo, go into the 1st stitch, yo and pull up a loop, Yo and pull through 2 Yo and go into the 2nd st, yo and pull up a loop Yo and pull through 2 Yo and go into the 3rd st, yo and pull up a loop Yo and pull through 2, yo and pull through 4 remaining st** Dc in the next 4 st 3dc in the next st Dc in the next 4 st Dc Dec over next 3 stitches Dc in the next 4 st 3dc in the next st Dc in the next 4 st Dc Dec over next 3 stitches and dc again in that stitch SlSp to top of 1st st, ch 2 (50 st)

Row 2-6 – Skip the first stitch (where the chain 2 is) & repeat row 1 in Color A – white **skipping the first stitch will line up your chevron points.

Row 7 & 8 – repeat row 1 in Color B – red

Row 9 & 10 – white chevron repeat

Row 11 & 12 – red chevron repeat

Row 13 & 14 – white chevron repeat

Row 15 & 16- change to white and DC around, sl st to join, chain 2 – do not finish off, but place a stitch marker here saving your spot.


** numbers in () from row 2 to the end are not including the st in the base row**

Row 1 – from the seam, skip the first 18 stitches, attach red to st 19 and chain 1, sc in the ch 1 stitch and for 15 more st (16 total) ** this is what I will refer to as the base row) Chain 12 and attach to 1st sc of base row (where you attached the red to begin)

Row 2 – sc in the 2nd sc of the base row, and then sc across the chain (12), attach into the 15th sc on the base row.

Row 3 – sc in the 14th sc on the base row, turn , sc across the chain (12), sc in 3rd sc on the base row.

Row 4 – sc in the 4th sc on the base row, turn , sc 2 tog, sc across the next 8 st of the chain, sc2tog (10) and attach to the 13th sc on the base row.

Row 5- sc in the 12th sc on the base row, Turn , sc across (10) and sc into the 5th sc on the base row.

Row 6- sc in the 6th on the base row, turn , sc2tog, sc2tog, sc 2, sc2tog, sc2tog, (6) sc into the 11th sc on base row.

Row 7- sc in the 10th st on the base row, turn , sc across (6), sc in the 7th sc on the base row, finish off with a long tail. Seam row 7 to remaining st on the base row, finish off and weave in ends


From where you left your stitch marker, ch 2

Row 1 – Dc 16, **when you get to the last white stitch before the heel, dc2tog there and in the same st you attached the red to** sc 12 across the heel and dc2tog in the last red st and the first white stitch, dc 16, slst to join and chain 2 (46)

Row 2- dc 16, dc2tog, dc 10, dc2tog, dc 16, slst to join and chain 2 (44)

Row 3- Dc 15, dc2tog, dc 10, dc2tog, dc 15, slst to join and chain 2 (42)

Row 4-7- dc around, slst to join, ch2 (42)

**Change yarn to color B at the end of row 7 and only chain 1**

Row 8- sc around, slst to join, ch 1(42)

Row 9- *sc 5, sc2tog* repeat * to * 6 times, slst to join, ch 1 (38)

Row 10 – *sc 4, sc2tog* , repeat * to * 6 times, slst to join, ch 1 (32)

Row 11- *sc 3, sc2tog*, repeat * to * 6 times, slst to join, ch 1 (26)

Row 12- *sc 2, sc2tog*, repeat * to * 6 times, slst to join, ch 1 (20)

Row 13- *sc 1, sc2tog*, repeat * to * 6 times, slst to join, ch 1 (14)

Row 14- *sc2tog* repeat * to * 6 times,, slst to join, finish off (7)

Weave end through the 7 stitches and cinch closed, weave in ends.

Attaching the band to the stocking.

With a long tail (mine was about 85 inches but you might not need that much) sew the top of your band to the top of the stocking, seam the ends together and fold the band over the top of the stocking,


I know you’re going to love making the Holly Jolly Stocking and I so look forward to seeing your finished product.

  • Be sure to share photos on social media using the hashtag #30DaysofCozy and Holly Jolly Chevron so we can all see your project and give you all-the-hearts. 💖💖💖

I can’t wait to see your creations!

Until then, stay cozy and keep on yarning. ♥


crochet designer samantha bartleySamantha Bartley

Creating in the Mitten was started by Samantha Bartley, a Michigan transplant and lover of all things yarn. She is a crochet designer, a fiber addict, and coffee has her wrapped around its finger. She has been crocheting for about 20 years but started her most recent journey a little over a year ago and has no plans of stopping now. Her crochet designs range from adorable cup cozy’s to beautifully detailed beanies, shawls, and garments. When she isn’t crocheting you can find her spending time with her husband playing video games or working on her second favorite love, photography.  

WEBSITE: Creating in the Mitten          INSTAGRAM: @creatinginthemitten



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