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Applications are now open, but may close without notice if we receive too many. If you are interested in this position, act quickly.

Who I'm looking for...

blog Master

Are you confident using Wordpress? Do you have experience managing a blog and creating blog content?

I might just have the perfect role for you!

I’m looking for an employee to help me at Crochetpreneur® as our Blog Master – the person who manages the content on our various websites.

This position focuses on organizing, planning, and implementing content strategies for the Crochetpreneur® and Made with a Twist™ blogs including keyword research, creating blog posts from submitted content, optimizing for SEO, proofreading, pin creation, and Pinterest management. 

Additional responsibilities may includes guest post, roundup and blog hop management as well as e-commerce management using WooCommerce (though you needn’t be proficient in WooCommerce to apply). 

The person who is right for this position is detail-oriented, tech-savvy, and energized by deadlines and is able manage and prioritize multiple ongoing project.

While perhaps your own blogging pursuits haven’t been as profitable as you’d hoped, you understand the technology – navigating the Wordpress dashboard doesn’t scare you and you’re eager to learn new tech skills that you may not have used previously. 

The right candidate will understand not only the blogging world but also the world of crochet and of entrepreneurship.

This position involves a combination of organization, attention to detail, and follow-through, and it has high expectations for meeting deadlines.

While you may be working behind the scenes, the work you do will often be our first-touch with new readers and subscribers and is so valuable to overall goals of the Crochetpreneur® mission.

Position Details

Status: This will be an employee position (not a contractor position).

Hours: Starting at 10-15 hours per week with a review after 90-days and likely increasing hours thereafter.

Note: As an employee at Montgomery Grice Enterprises, Inc, you will not be able to engage in any outside activity that could be construed as a conflict of interest, such as running or working on your own or someone else's blog or crafting business.

Who is Pam?

I am a hard worker who is passionate about what I do and impatient with inactivity. I am driven and kind. My Myers-Briggs personality type is Mediator (INFP-T) or  Logician (INTP-T), depending on when I take it. I typically get more done in a given time frame than seems humanly possible and, on the outside, it looks organized and planned but, behind the scenes, I tend to sacrifice self-care for getting things done and I spend a lot of time chasing deadlines. These are my top five strengths:

Pam Grice Crochetpreneur Headshot

Things You Should Know About Me Before You Consider Applying

I typically consider myself a scatter-brained mastermind. I need my project management software to keep me on track and to manage all my ideas and projects or I’ll spend too much time flitting from task to the next.

I dislike “have to”s – schedules, meetings, and appointments give me anxiety and I tend to be unable to concentrate on the task at hand until every meeting and appointment is checked off for the day. 

I never, never, ever answer my phone unless it is my mom or my kids. I prefer texts, messaging, or email…even Zoom chats are better than phone calls or voice messages.

I tend to have many project going on at one time – with multiple businesses and blogs operating under my corporate umbrella – and I tend to chase ideas and change plans without much warning.

The core values of my business are very important to me and I expect that each member of the team will be onboard with those values and with the mission of the business.

I believe in doing the right thing, treating others with respect and kindness, and expect the same from those around me.

I “have an independence problem” and usually assume that others do, too. This means, I won’t micromanage my team and will probably forget to provide feedback if everything is going smoothly. I expect that you can manage your time and projects without need of a reminder or a push.

My ideal workday is one in which I am uninterrupted and untethered to a schedule full of meetings and appointments, free to work on the vision for the business and on those things that need my contribution.

Ultimately, you will be reporting to Teri, our Director of Operations and she will get you the direction and feedback you need.



  • Creating blog posts and entering submitted content
  • Tracking industry trends and audience interests
  • Organizing, planning, and implementing content strategies
  • Managing guest posts, roundups, and blog hops
  • Editing submitted content and providing feedback
  • Conducting analytical projects to improve blog strategies/tactics
  • Optimizing content for search engines (SEO) and lead generation
  • Proof-reading and editing existing content on both the blog and Crochetpreneur® courses
  • Growing blog subscribers and expanding the overall blog’s reach
  • Creating Pinterest pins and implementing a Pinterest pinning strategy for driving traffic to the blog(s)
  • The opportunity to write content and contribute to content such as e-books and opt-ins
  • Developing WooCommerce shop and adding listings

Things You've Done in the Past

2-3 years working with Wordpress.


1-2 years working with a business Pinterest account.

Crocheted various projects (and not afraid to work with your hands or with technology)

Things I'd Love for You to Know
(optional, not required)



Google Drive, Docs, Forms, and Sheets




Note: If you’re familiar with these, great! If not, you must be willing to learn in order to be a good fit for this position.


This Position is NOT for a Person Who...

Already has a job and is not willing to leave it for ours

Already has a lot going on and doesn’t have the time and focus to do a quality job

Isn’t interested in supporting the goals of the business with excellence and self-motivation

Wants to be front and center, rather than working in the background

Is not willing to sign a non-disclosure and non-compete agreement

Is unwilling to go the extra step to make our brand look good to our readers and customers, and to reflect our core values

Needs immediate supervision, firm structure, and frequent feedback

Would describe themselves as “not great with tech” and is unwilling to learn new systems and process as they become necessary to do their job

Has unreliable Internet or computer access (you must have your own Mac or Windows desktop or laptop for this position — ChromeBooks and tablets will not get the job done)

Wants to learn how to blog or run a business from Pam. As an employee, you will not be able to have your own blog or craft-related business, as that would be a conflict of interest and split your focus. This position requires 100% focus on growing the Crochetpreneur® and Made with a Twist-related brands and community.

This Position IS for a Person Who...

Is a high communicator.

Has excellent follow-through.

Has a great feel for the brands of  Montgomery Grice Enterprises Inc (Crochetpreneur®, Made with a Twist™, and The Crochet Business Summit™) and what my people want from it.

Is resourceful.

Has exceptional writing and editing skills.

Takes the initiative and doesn’t need to have their hand held.

Has a great attention to detail and brand quality.

Is highly organized but moves quickly.

Takes ownership and pride in your work.

Is not afraid of new challenges.

Loves learning new things and can implement new ideas quickly.

Adapts very well to changes on-the-go.

Is technology savvy but is willing to ask for help if needed.

Can handle direct feedback without getting their feelings hurt.

Can juggle lots of moving pieces while staying focused and collected.

Is willing and able to complete training and learn new systems 

Why Should I be Interested in this Job?

You’ll get to work in a fun business that helps change and improve people’s lives through creating a crochet business.

You’ll get to be in on the ground floor of building an awesome team that works great together!

You will have the resources you need to do your job well.  

You’ll help develop effective processes and strategies that will impact the business long-term.

You’ll have the flexibility and freedom to work from wherever.

You’ll be paid to do the things you already enjoy and excel at.

You’ll get to grow your skills over time and grow with the job as the business grows because of your incredible contributions!

Why is This Job Important?

This position will involve working closely with all members of the Crochetpreneur® team to ensure that our fast-growing company runs smoothly.

As a business that creates and impact that ripples through the lives and families of our readers and clients, you’ll know that everything you do is putting good out into the world.

You will be responsible for the positive experience of ever reader who visits our websites and blogs. 

You’ll be proud to work for an organization that puts people over profits and lives it’s values of freedom, peace, kindness, and generosity in all aspects of its work.

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Questions before you apply? Please email Teri, our Operators Director, at [email protected]